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     "Arizona is at a crossroad. Where we used to be a jewel among conservative states in the west, we are now considered a swing state and are at risk of turning blue and following in the failed footsteps of our struggling neighbor California. 

I graduated from law school in California and have seen first-hand how such policies destroy an economy and society.

As a born and raised Arizona native and one of the top ranked constitutional conservatives in the state legislature, I refuse to allow that to happen!"



Honest and fair voting is at the heart of freedom. I am passionate about making sure that our elections are secure. I have co-sponsored numerous bills to help secure our elections. The blatant opposition to reasonable and honest election laws from those on the other side of the aisle is evidence of the corruption in the system. I will continue to fight that corruption and dishonesty so that the power is placed where it should be: in the hands of the people.


I am staunchly pro-life and absolutely believe every life is precious from its very beginning. All women, children, and expectant mothers deserve better than what the pro-abortion agenda is offering. Every individual, at any stage or age, deserves respect and the protection of society as outlined within the constitution.    


I specifically went to law school to defend religious freedom! Our most fundamental liberties, established through the First Amendment and Bill of Rights, are under attack. From my experience in private practice law, I saw how working through legislative channels would be more effective than waiting to fight precedent and policies in judicial courts.  I understand the subtle nuances of legal language and how words can be twisted to carve away freedoms to how we worship, speak, or interact in society.  As one of the few Republican attorneys in the legislature, I have been in a unique position to discern and oppose legislation that allows the government to interfere with your rights to live according to your core beliefs. 


As someone who has lived in 3 different border states, and speaks Spanish fluently, I have first-hand experience with the challenges accompanying illegal immigration—particularly when combined with entitlement programs. As a principled, fiscally conservative, Republican, I am dedicated to supporting our hard-working border patrol agents in eliminating illegal immigration and securing Arizona’s border once and for all. 


Abraham Lincoln once said, “The philosophy of the classroom today will be the philosophy of the government tomorrow.” This is why I believe that nothing is more critical to the future of civil society than the education of the next generation. This is where Arizona needs policies aimed at strengthening families and supporting parental & school choice. The legislature must empower parents with the resources and freedom to choose what works best for them and their family. Whether parents prefer public school, charter school, home school, or other alternatives, their tax-payer dollars should go to supporting their choice.  The legislature must work to see that waste is eliminated in education spending so that all the resources get to the classroom and to our valuable teachers.


I believe people are entitled to the rewards of their hard work without undue burdens placed upon them by the government. The legislature needs to operate within a minimal and structurally sound budget and without excessive debt. All legislation should have the overarching goal of strengthening families and communities to harness the power and problem-solving capacity of the free-enterprise economy. 
It is in the private sector, where actual economic growth and job creation can flourish. Fiscal responsibility, low taxes, and minimal regulation, along with sound public policy, will allow small business to thrive. I have taken the taxpayer protection pledge and have pushed aggressively for historic tax cuts during my first year in the legislature. I’m also one of the few legislators working continuously to limit government and restore our broken system of checks and balances. 


As a lifetime member of the NRA and an A+ ranked defender of the 2nd Amendment, I know that the right to bear arms is not about the arms- it is about the right. I am committed to protecting this right, granted by God and protected by the constitution. I have aggressively fought to will uphold the 2nd Amendment, preserve and expand our constitutional carry rights, and I will never allow this protection to be infringed upon.


After Obama-care was passed, the health care premiums in Arizona increased by nearly 200%.  I will work to influence the complete repeal of Obamacare and to restore state authority and individual freedoms in healthcare choices. Furthermore, the rampant overreach of government during the pandemic should never be allowed. I have fought and will continue to fight for individual rights. I am staunchly against mask mandates and lockdowns as these are blatant disregards of personal freedoms. Sky rocketing rates of depression, joblessness, crime, etc., are a direct result of government oppression over the people. I will never stop fighting this blatantly unconstitutional overreach of government.

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